ETS Surgery

The state of the art treatment for patients that suffer from severe Hand Sweating, Facial Sweating, Underarm Sweating and Facial Blushing

ETS Technique

Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathectomy Clamping (ETS-C) technique is a 30 minute procedure, and has become the state of the art treatment for patients that suffer from severe Hand Sweating, Facial Sweating, Underarm Sweating and Facial Blushing. Dr. Egozi have treated successfully over a thousand cases of Hyperhidrosis and eliminated these unfortunate conditions.

This advanced and innovative technique has proven to be an effective treatment for many patients. ETS-C involves the placement of a tiny Titanium clam over the sympathetic nerve. This technique allows the procedure to be potentially reversed as opposed to other surgical operations. The reversibility of our procedure has been demonstrated to range between 1-6 months following the surgery.

ETS-C is performed under a mild, general anesthesia and requires a skilled surgeon such as Dr. Egozi. The surgeon then enters the chest cavity through two extremely small incisions located on each side of the body just under the armpit. A small amount of non-toxic Carbon Dioxide (Harmless gas) is introduced into the chest cavity in order to gently push the lungs slightly aside. This will provide the operation surgeon a clear view of the sympathetic nerve chain.

After completion of the operation, the Carbon Dioxide gas is evacuated and the incisions are closed with an absorbed suture which does not need removal. The procedure is then repeated on the other side. A chest x-ray is preformed to insure that the lungs are fully inflated. The patient may resume regular work within 48 hours and return to sport activities within 5-7 days only. It is reported by patients that the quality of their lives, after this surgical procedure (ETS), is life changing. After being on the “sidelines” of social or professional day-to-day activities, the personal notion and uplifting sensation is more than amazing.

30 MIN



Success Rate ETS Procedure


to resume regular work

5-6 DAYS

to return to sport activities

ETS Side Effects

While any surgical procedure has some degree of risk associated with it, the ETS procedure provided by Hyperhidrosis Institute is the safest and most effective ETS surgery. The procedure is associated with only minimal side effects. The most common side effect is Compensatory Sweating (periodic perspiration around the lower stomach and back). This side effect is however, tolerable by most and less than 1.7%  describes it as troublesome. Some patients even claim that it improves with time.

Long term studies have concluded that 99% of patients, with Hand Sweat, have reported complete satisfaction with the elimination of their prior condition.

Facial Sweating & Facial Blushing patients reported success rates of over 98%. Gustatory Sweating (typically isolated to a small portion of the forehead in reaction to spicy foods) has occurred in a minimal number of cases. Typically patients report feeling a sensation rather than actual perspiration. It is also reported that a possible ETS side effect is called Horner’s Syndrome (slight drooping of the eyelid but no impairment of vision). This can occur in less than 0.005% of patients and is considered a very rare side effect. However, with our ETS procedure, we have never had any patients reporting such side effect. More so, we NEVER had any life threatening complications and never been forced to open the chest by conventional surgical methods.

ETS Positive Effects

  • Dry & warm hands.
  • Improved & boosted confidence like never before.
  • The sweating of the feet is reduced in most patients.
  • Facial Sweating or Facial Blushing will be eliminated or substantially reduced.
  • Underarm perspiration (Axillary Sweating) will be eliminated or substantially reduced.
  • Palpitations caused by Anxiety will be significantly reduced.
  • Migraine occurrence & trembling of the hands may improve dramatically.
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