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There are some types of armpit sweat that just won’t go away. You can browse the pharmacy aisles and try every variety of anti-perspirant to prevent armpit sweating and nothing seems to be effective. Even in low- pressure situations, and even in very cool environments, some people can get large pools of armpit sweat that can be visible even when the arms are down. If a person raises their arms and reveals a very large stain it can be embarrassing and troubling. There is an answer to the problem of armpit sweating, and it can’t be found over the counter, or even with a prescription. The most effective barrier against armpit sweating is called ETS-C . ETS-C is a surgical procedure similar to a woman having her tubes tied. Instead of reducing armpit sweating using a pharmaceutical or topical ointment (that is often ineffective or may have harmful side effects), ETS-C cuts armpit sweating off at the source. It’s a way of turning off the underarm sweat faucet. An older technique called ETS involves severing the nerves in the armpit, curbing armpit sweating. An alternate form of the treatment for underarm sweating, ETS-C, involves clamping the nerve shut, as opposed to completely severing the nerves. The advantage of ETS-C is that it is potentially reversible. Straight ETS surgery cannot be undone. ETS-C is performed using general anesthesia and the patient can typically go back to regular activity within 48 hours after surgery. For many sufferers of extreme armpit sweating, this is the answer they’ve been looking for. The patient will go from having huge pools of underarm sweat to having none at all. At most, the patient may have some armpit sweating that will not be enough to soak through clothes or even become visible. The results can vary from patient to patient.
Causes Armpit sweating is a normal function the body uses to stay cool. People sweat in warm temperatures, when exercising or in response to emotional situations. Armpit sweating and other forms of hyperhidrosis can occur without such triggers. People with hyperhidrosis suffer from overly active sweat glands stimulated by the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system. This is the part of the nervous system which is responsible for releasing perspiration throughout the body.
A proven cure for armpit sweating Fortunately, today, thanks to the American Institute for Hyperhidrosis, armpit sweating can be overcome with a better then 95% success rate by our newest and latest ETS-C technique being performed by our surgeons. Click here to request more information or to schedule a phone consultation with a Hyperhidrosis Expert.
Armpit Sweating (Axillary Hyperhidrosis)
Stop suffering from excessive sweating!
The American Institute for Hyperhidrosis boasts a 95% success rate utilizing our newest surgical technique, ETS-C
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